What Is An Apagya Song – Know Your African culture? (Video)


‘Apagya’ is a Twi word which means uplifting. This is a special song that is used to uplift the spirit of an Akan chief/king during occassions. It is specially coded appellations that contain the history, great oath and achievements of the chief and his ancestors.

“se wo were firi wo kurom hene aben a woyera wo dwabo ase,” which is translated, “if you forget the horn/appelations of your king, you get lost at durbars.” Apagya is also used as a procession song for kings. It easily helps to fish out strangers at a durbar. People who are not able to sing the song are mostly regarded as strangers. A royal who does not know the apagya of his king is no better than a stranger.

Reasons why you need to pay attention to Apagya songs duirng durbars.

  • Apagya songs help us to know the true title (Odeefour, Otumfuor, Kuntunkunku, etc) of the king.
  • Apagya songs contain the great oath of the king and his ancestors.
  • It helps strangers to know the ruling clan of the kingdom/town.
  • Apagya song is a medium to tell important history of the king.


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