The African Car Which Uses Radio Waves As Fuel (Must Watch)


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Maxwell Chikumbutso from Zimbabwe has invented a green technology electric car which converts radio waves into fuel. This is a technological breakthorugh for the world especially Africa. His invention is the cheapest alternate replacemet for fossil fuels which will protect the environment and the atmosphere.

Chikumbusto dropped out of school at age 14. He said he achieved this feat through hard work and extensive research in radio technology. He has other similar prototypes if drones and drones. He pleaded with Physics scholars and professors from Africa to help him acquire patents for his inventions. One of his invetions is energy multiplier which can multiply electric power up to 10 folds.

“We don’t believe in ourselves.But obviosly, a new generation has another reponsibility to change this kind of paradigm to another level whereby we are able to capitalise ono our ability as Africans,” Luis Cupenala, businessman and project financier

We need to come togther, belief in ourselves, play our needed roles to shape the forge the africa we all want. Thank you very much.

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