Dear Comrades,

It didn’t take long for you to expose your hatred towards Mr Amoabeng of UT Bank after the operating license of his bank was revoked. Congratulations on your celebration! If we may ask politely, what achievement are you celebrating? God has finally punished the tithe evader, right?

William Ato Essien is the founder of Capital Bank. He is a Christian; believes in tithing and gives donations at church. The board of directors of his bank comprised respected Christian leaders and pastors including Dr Mensah Otabil. Capital Bank has equally collapsed just like Prince Kofi Amoabeng of UT Bank who didn’t believe in tithing and expressed his honest feelings about it.

When the news broke out that UT and Capital Banks were being declared dead by Bank of Ghana. Some Christians writers took the opportunity to write scripts about UT Bank’s CEO alleging the cause of the problem to his attitude towards tithing . Whilst they remain silent on the Christians whose bank was also affected.

Jack Ma of Alibaba Empire said, “ learn from the mistakes of failures, because all failures have common cause.” It so pathetic that most Ghanaians have been programmed to see every problems from religious perspectives. No wonder ‘prayer warriors’ are even asked to pray for Akosombo Dam when the solution to the problem demands electrical engineering approach.

Whether you pay tithe or not, whether you are atheist or religious, faith and prayers can’t be substituted for practical actions and principles. Both banks were giving high interest on savings, fix deposits and current accounts which isn’t good for banking. Do you remember DKM saga?

We kindly beseech pastors and the youth jubilating to reconsider their decisions and rather learn. There are countless billionaires in the world who declared bankruptcy at a point in time yet bounced back to success after learning from their mistakes. Donald Trump, the President of USA, is one of such people. There are principles in this universe, and no matter who you are, there shall be consequences when the rules are violated.

It is our sincere hope that jubilating pastors and evangelists who don’t have topics for Sunday should use this as case study to educate their members that actions can’t be substituted for prayers. We have to give our best before we ask God for His best.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Yemoh Michael & Boadu


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