Dear Young Fellows,

The young ones of today should rise above the pettiness and realise that success in this life doesn’t come that easy! You can’t be going to secondary school and be playing boss chick or slay queen and with no morals, thinking they know it all, got no discipline and finally produce poor grades like D7 and E8s and come justify with so much crying foul for government or president to intervene on your behalf for consideration at the university! D7 and E8s are frankly not good grades and they are poor!

There are so much indiscipline and lawlessness among the young people today! They play too much and want to find and use any little chance they get to cheat the system! I had observed in the university where students want to copy in quizzes and examinations and I don’t condone that! So much indiscipline among the young ones today over so many unnecessary things, coming to social media to do all sorts of funny things! They go write exams fail and produce poor grades and they want constellations, commendations or accolades? There are examinations everywhere in life, and if you’re not able to pass secondary school one, then know that you can’t get admission to the university because you can’t write the university exams either! Wake up young people of today – ladies and gents, for life isn’t a child’s play as you may see now!

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I attended one of the poorest secondary schools in the Western of Ghana, I graduated as the Best student in my year batch 2003/2004. I had grades no student from that school had ever produced! I was the first from the school to get to the university! In the whole of University of Cape Coast, I was the only one from my school at the time representing the school! I was the first to score best grades in subjects such as Chemistry, Integrated Science and English Language since the school got established in 1991. Chemistry had been a bogey to all the students past and present at the time from the school. I handled Chemistry with ease from the first year to the final, and was my favourite! I scored best grade in Chemistry, though we had no Chemistry teacher whole of form three! I bought for myself Chemistry KOV’s Series 1, 2 and 3 with my own money. I sought the help of a Mathematics teacher to coach me in Organic Chemistry and Hybridization and I was paying him with my own cash. There was no mum or dad to pay my fees at the time. I used to meet with my friend who was a student at Ghana Secondary Technical School, GSTS, during vacations and we solved so many questions in Chemistry. I was then teaching my class the topics I had learnt and mastered on my own – Redox Chemistry, Rates of Reactions, Chemical Equilibrium, Nuclear Chemistry, Periodic Chemistry, etc. I actually used to sell periodic table to my juniors in form 1. I had an encounter with my General Agriculture teacher at the time and he sacked me from his class for whole three months to final examinations! I also did not enter his class during these periods and was denied from writing his exams and mocks. I took the course to my own hands and learnt on my own. I produce the best grade in that course, General Agriculture.


Alas, I graduated in July 2004, after I struggled my ways through financially and I was the best top graduating student! After graduation, I applied to KNUST in 2005 and was to be given admission automatically with that grade and also from a deprived school with such grade there was a slot for me. One Provost at the time at KNUST, who got impressed with my performance and results said I should definitely be given admission. He took me personally to the administration to show my results, and they said yes indeed, those were great results but to pursue Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) programme, I needed Elective Physics, which my poor school didn’t offer for us in the Agric Science Class (It was no fault of mine, the student). So instead of four electives – Chemistry, Physics, General Agriculture, and Crop Husbandry and Horticulture; I had only three Chemistry, General Agriculture and Horticulture with no Physics. I cried leaving the administration office at KNUST, knowing I needed Physics to be able to make it to the University!

I wrote for myself on paper “Operation 2007”. I was going to study physics and write it! In 2005/2006, I was teaching in a basic school, I studied Physics all by myself alone with no classes from any teacher! I registered with my little pupil teacher’s cash and wrote the Physics in 2006, the results came I had passed (But I suffered learning on my own and the examination was tough for me especially the practical session). I only needed this and I applied three universities right away – Legon, Winneba and Cape Coast, with different courses selection. I finally had two admissions from Winneba (Information Technology, BED) and Cape Coast (General Agriculture, B.Sc). I settled on Cape Coast finally! This is life, young people, work out your own success! No short cut in life!

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

AK Mensah (Akem)

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