(Shocking) Parliament of Ghana To Vote Donald Trump As Second President of Ghana

Dear Compatriots,

I want to begin by asking a simple question, would you care who rules a country after your military is given unlimited access into that country? Are you not a nation within a nation when your military residing in a country is exempted from the laws of the host nation? Parliament of Ghana is about to sign a document which will make Donald Trump the second President of Ghana.

Comrades, we should be very careful how we play partisan politics and defend some suicidal agreements entered by the old members of this country on our behalf. How old is President Akufo-Addo? In 25 years time, are these old rulers going to be alive after trading our national security?  Are we not those who would be affected by any bad results from this agreement?

Interestingly, “Ghana shall furnish without rental or similar costs to United States, all agreed facilities and areas, including those jointly used by the United States forces and Ghana.” According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), USA spent over $611 billion on military in 2016.  Military Expenditure of Ghana recorded in 2016 was $146.20 million. So which of these two countries deserve to bear the maintenance and furnishing costs of the military base? However, United States think the worth of the Ghanaian lawmakers is just $20 million and these people will humbly agree to the terms. The sad part of the story is that Ghana will have to use this same $20 million as a maintenance cost for their military base per the agreement. Hold your breath, the agreement says when anything is imported or exported in the name of United States Military, the Ministry of Defense of Ghana has no authority to inspect the consignments.

To further validate the recolonisation of Africa theory propounded by President Donald Trump, Article 10 of the agreement  says our tax authorities have no right to tax anything imported in the name of US Military. Comrades, do you know that when you import even harmless organic tomato seeds as a Ghanaian, you would be taxed? Please, can you go to America as a Ghanaian contractor and drive without USA  driving license? The agreement says even civilians sent to Ghana in the name of US Military don’t need Ghanaian driving licence –  slaves can’t instruct the slave masters. I don’t want to talk about Article 14 and how US Military can control our weather pattern using sophisticated High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) technologies. Ghana will pray for rain and we would be given scorching sun by the US HAARP technologies. Mr President, I guess you still remember the whistle blower, Edward Snowden?

I almost forgot, Ghana need USA training and military to help catch up with the sophistication of the western military system. Burkina Faso has suffered from terrorists attack. Our beloved Nigerians have been threatened several times by Boko Haram so we need USA military protection. That is great but do we all remember the Liberian Civil War in 1989? When it was triggered, weren’t there US soldiers basing in Liberia? What did they do to stop the civil war? They just evacuated  the American citizens and allowed over 250,000 ‘worthless’ Liberians to trade in long sleeve and short sleeve amputations. On August 7, 1998, when terrorists attacked USA Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, more than 224 Africans were killed and over 4,000 brutally wounded. USA did a great job, only 12 American lives were lost.  “We should not forget that since the time of slavery to date, no American life would be sacrificed to save an African life in war,” Owula Nii Bortey.

Despite all the ridiculous terms in the agreement, we have Ghanaians who are defending this in the name of politics and similar military agreement in the past. No wonder Pieter William Botha said Blacks cannot rule themselves – where do we put our common sense when dealing with the Caucasians? On March 20, 2018,  the United States Embassy in Ghana released clarification letter denying US proposal to establish military base or bases in Ghana. Folks, have you realised how these people can lie to protect their interests?


Please, Ghanaians should remember that allies are not necessarily friends.  “In international relations, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests,” Lord Palmerston. So the youth should not defend this neocolonial agreement in the name of politics. Thank you.

Best regards,

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