Planet Earth, What If Religions Don’t Worship The True God?

Dear Humanity,

Do humans even stop to question what we believe in?  Do we know, what we believe in as God, what we accept as food, even what we accepted as names would have changed just with a change in our birth locations?Why do we cling so much unto something society just programmed into us to a point of killing? If all these are societal constructs, then, who engineered us to divide us, hate ourselves and even kill ourselves and our environment?

This series will take us through some open-secrets about our reality. It will change the way you see the world especially with respect to religion and global politics. Both the Bible and Qu’ran are full of gods who masquerade as the true originator of the multiverse. But the question is, does an Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscience God need blood sacrifice to forgive a sin? In the Old Testament (OT) and Qu’ran, animals were slaughtered for atonement of sin, but in the New Testament (NT), a human being (Jesus Christ) was supposedly sacrificed to atone for our sins. Which God feed on blood in order to forgive sin? Some Biblical and Qur’anic animal sacrifices include: Exodus 29:10-14; Numbers 6:10-11;  6:14; 15:12; Hebrews 13:11-13; Qu’ran 2:196; 5:95; and 22:36. Are these Gods even different from the gods of ancient civilisations such as Egyptian, Aztecs, Akans, Dogons, Mossi, Dagomba, Fulani, etc?

Have you ever asked yourself if the Biblical and Qur’anic supposedly all-loving God even deserve such a title? Will a peaceful, loving and merciful father kill his ‘stubborn’ children? Will a peaceful father incite his children to kill themselves without even making an effort to reconcile them through arbitration? Why does an Almighty God need humans to cause genocides for him? Is it that He doesnt want to take blame or feel guilty? Some quotations: Surah 9:5; Surah 9:25-29; Deutronomy 20:25; Judges 1:1, etc.

Throughout ages, indigenous cultures throughout the world knew God differently. The architects of ancient civilisations knew that the so called Gods were just extraterrestrial beings with advanced knowledge. This series shall dive deeper into ‘holy’ writs, history of the world with physical and scientific evidences to proof the reality of this our world. This series shall be published on SATURDAYS AND THURSDAYS. Benson Saili will take us through with regular commentaries from Boadu. Thank you very much with love from:

Benson C. S. and Boadu

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