Dear God,

I want to thank you on behalf of Ghanaians for all the resources you blessed us with. However, we have proven over years that natural resources alone do not make a nation great. Please, kindly bless us with common sense to see the potentials we have to be the most powerful nation in the world.

I never knew about 90% of a race could be programmed to accept abnormalities as formalities until I was born a Ghanaian. In my country, the nose sings whiles the hands walk. We believe it is divine to replace prayers with actions and common sense. We still cry on you (God) to descend and bless us again whiles we have gold, diamond, bauxite, oil, etc. We tag truthful and honest people as retrogressive and backward; think it is the duty of foreign investors to develop our country for us; and think a soldier should apologise for killing an enemy on a battle field.

Come to think of it, the sages are discouraged from navigating the affairs of the country by tagging politics (leadership) as dirty game and meant for unscrupulous people; political insult is the barometer for determining one’s leadership competence. Communication expert prepares mineral resource estimation on behalf of the country whiles mineral resource estimators beg to be employed as office cleaners. Energetic youth are crowned foot soldiers to be used by some selfish politicians because most of the youth are programmed to think with their feet not mind. Most of my people are like a cargo ship without an engine.

Energetic youth been made foot soldiers for political agitations

Hmm! The most annoying thing is that these schizophrenic individuals think they are smart. I am not too hard on my people, that is the perfect way to describe them when I compare our infrastructural, economic, social, spiritual, mental and technological development to our ‘poor’ western counterparts. I thought zombies only existed in movies, I was very wrong!

Development requires actions not words! But what do Ghanaians do best? Complain without the appropriate ACTIONS! Do you want me to believe that Ghanaians are serious people when blacksmiths who manufacture guns are incarcerated while we spend millions importing ammunition each year. Can’t we employ such people to be military engineers? Sorry, I forgot that in my country, engineers are not people who solve problems but those who can bedeck their speeches with engineering jargon! What happens to a nation that incarcerate her skilled people?

God, please, let Ghanaians realise that you are already finished with humanity; the smartest and the strongest will survive. Kindly let these people know that you are busy creating new universe so they should leave the prayer camps and go home and think! Chinese people came to Ghana, we gave them the nod to pollute our water bodies (Offin, Pra, etc.) and lands due to our myopic mindsets. We are blaming them for our stupidity! We think and talk as if these Chinese just landed from space in the night, mined our minerals and polluted our water bodies whiles we were asleep.

River Offin polluted due to reckless mining practices

We know clearly that no Ghanaian would be permitted to do such atrocity in China. It is so sad we have agencies like Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Minerals Commission and Police Service yet foreigners successfully caused these atrocities. Who needs to be blamed, Ghanaians or the foreigners? I do not even understand why common sense has become the most expensive commodity in Ghana.

Most Ghanaians are programmed by churches, mosques, shrines to shift blame on other people (witches and Satan) for their inaction which is preventing Ghanaians from thinking right! Wise people do not just complain but take actions for themselves. It is good to be angry but anger is used to liberate ourselves not destroy ourselves! There is no true freedom that came with just empty complaints. The history of how Lamborghini cars came into existence buttress the point that anger should be transmuted into something useful.

The country is not wrong but the people are! Bob Marley said, out of abundance of water, the fool complains of thirst. There is nothing normal about our problems as many have been made to accept. The homelessness, insecurity, unemployment, Goliath bills, immorality and ignorance are products of absence of common sense. We are all to be blamed for the deplorable state of Ghana though.

God, kindly tell the supposedly speakers for you to tell the people to think and stop expecting magic...

Please God, kindly tell those who (priests, acolytes, imams,etc) are supposedly communicating with you on behalf of Ghanaians to tell the people to think and work hard and stop expecting magic. There is no better magician than common sense and hard work. We need to work harder to liberate ourselves and other zombies to see the abnormalities around us! God, I know you agree with me that everything is abnormal in Ghana if Malaysia, South Korea, etc. are age mates with Ghana!

I am very humbled to get a listening ear from you. I hope you bless Ghanaians with common sense as requested.

Thank you very much.

Your sad son,

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  1. Yaw Safo Marfo, Tycoon_GH 2 years ago

    Awwwww Boadu! I’m so sad and even short of words. We need COMMON SENSE indeed. As some African people even think We the Emancipators are even wasting Our time nor that we can’t even Compete or Rub shoulders with Our White Folks. forgotten all the minerals and resources used by the Western world come from Africa and that when we sit down and use our minds, we can also create or do something.
    I pray that Our Father listen to this Our prayer.

    “Ignorance is Bliss but only for a while”. We create our reality by our thoughts and actions.

    “Keep the people in ignorance, fear and at war with themselves-The foundation of that control has always been the same.

    “Divide, rule and conquer while keeping the most important knowledge to yourself.

    Knowledge is in the hands of the few and the rest are kept ignorant. The classic structure for manipulation and control. ~Tycoon_GH

    • They Whites are ahead. Yes! That is very true but we can’t afford to not fight for our redemption! We need to work and act together.

  2. Isaac Owusu 2 years ago

    Our leaders has failed us, so we have to help ourselves. It all starts from us and the time is now. Self-centredness is killing Africans. Everybody thinks about himself and the society at large. The fundamental is wrong. Our education system needs an immense shake up. Prov. 22:6 Train a child the way he should go, and when he grow he will never depart from it. My worry is Africans dont know where we are coming from and where we are going, so our minds are easily conquered. And its sad because those from behind take the pace that has been set by the pilots. Education is the way forward at least people we know and freedom will proceed.

    • The African youth need more collaboration than competition now. that is the easy way out

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