Open Letter to Ghanaians: WHO IS A SCIENTIST?

Dear Compatriots,

Over the past years, many people have been misconstruing who a scientist really is. The scientist himself has forgotten who he is supposed to be in real life especially his impact on the society. The issue of scientist is greatly misunderstood in Ghana and in Africa on a continental scale. The issue is what I have developed interest in and developed it for all Ghanaians and Africans who want scientific and technological development.

Using basic definition from globally accessible platform, Wikipedia.com, “a scientist is a person who engages in systematic activities to acquire knowledge. Scientist performs research toward a more comprehensive understanding of nature, including physical, mathematical and social realms. Engineers and scientists are often confused in the minds of the general public. While scientists explore nature in order to discover general principles, engineers apply established principles drawn from science in order to create new inventions and improve upon the old ones.”

In short, scientists study things whereas engineers design things. However, there are plenty of instances where significant accomplishments are made in both fields by the same individual. When a scientist has also an engineering education, the same individual would explore principles in nature to solve problems and to design new technology. Scientists often perform some engineering tasks in designing experimental equipment and building prototypes, and some engineers do first-rate scientific research.

A scientist at work.

Philosophy can be seen as a distinct activity, which is aimed towards a more comprehensive understanding of intangible aspects of reality and experience that cannot be physically measured. I see that the world is basically made up of two types of scientists.

I call the first type of scientists, “the history readers”, and the second type ,“the history makers”. The history readers are the type of scientists who read and recap on laws, ideas, knowledge formulated by the ancient scientists. They just learn the ideas of others to please the society and the world in general. The world or the society see them as honest, legends, humble and so many accolades that can make them swollen headed are awarded to them.

In fact, Africa has been giving birth to this type of scientist after civilisation was taken from her. These are scientists who are afraid of criticisms. They never expel their ideas or inventions. They burry their ideas and go to grave with them. Such scientists are enemies of progress.

The second type of scientist is the “history makers”. They invent machines, postulate and formulate ideas and new laws. These are the people who change the course of life in this world. They bring controversial ideas into realities without considering how the world is going to see them. They are the people who activate their ‘other mind’ and reach the ‘God sphere’ in their lives.

These scientists shake the inner souls of people around them. They always dispute the argument that the majority carries the vote: they rather say, “the thinkers win the vote.” They are always seen as villains, liars and all manner of abusive names are given to them. Their importance is not recognised until they are dead and gone. The few people below are example of such people.

Galileo Galilei is one of the ancient scientists whose effort cannot be undermined. He was the man who invented spyglass that later metamorphosed into telescope. He contributed a lot to astronomy. He died in 1642 with a lot of accusations on his head. It is through the work of this man that now germs and other microscopic organisms can be observed. But he was seen as a traitor at his time all because he had propounded a theory that the world did not understand. This was his theory about the planetary bodies and the centre of the universe.

Henry Ford is a man who cannot be out listed when mentioning the people who through their thinking and intuition changed the course of the world. He was accused of many things and many people tagged him with illiteracy because of his low formal education background. He proved to the world that, the formal education is just a medium of learning stipulated scientific histories (theories and ideas of other people) and there is no need learning theories that were not going to benefit him. He changed the civilisation models of America with his genius ways. He is now seen as a great capitalist and engineer (A first order hypocrisy!)

Henry Ford was one of the most ridiculed engineers in American history.

Many scientists were wrongfully persecuted and hated for the way they saw the world and created history. Africa is the birthplace of civilization and the remarkable contributions of African scientists in contemporary civilsations could not be overlooked. Scientists like Professor Kofi Allotey, Dr. Thomas Mensah, Emeritus Professor Komla Djibogdi-Adjimah, and Dr. Ransford Dankwah cannot be ignored for their significant impact, yet, Africa need scientists and technologists.

Africa has been mouth-watered for a long time to produce scientists who ‘create history’. She needs some of her children to change her destiny through science and technology.  However, the education system is Ghana is basically structured to produce scientists and engineers who brag with qualifications (Degrees, Masters, Doctorates) in scientific history. Scientists who mostly read and follow what the world is saying even if the world is wrong.

Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo, the founder of Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre (ASSTRC) at Gomoa-Mpota and Kristo Asafo Mission, Ghana, is Africa’s son who is categorised among the ‘scientists who create history’. He is the inventor of so many ultramodern and mind-boggling devices. He is the Chairman of Kantanka Automobiles which is part of the Kantanka Group of Companies.

He has accomplished many feats in agriculture with his wooden incubators and herbal extracts that double reproduction in livestock. His wooden incubator produces about 600 chicks in 21 days. His herbal extract made it possible for a doe to give birth to 16 bunnies per gestation. His scientific feats are just mind blowing!!!

Kantanka car which uses accumulators without internal combustion engine.

However, history they say repeat but in different geographic location in the world. He has been accused of so many things even the accusers themselves have forgotten some. A lot of the “history readers” have been saying he lacks formal education, he is re-engineering and his products are unscientific and make him a quack!

Formal education like I said is just a medium for learning scientific histories (works of other scientists) and it does not disqualify and inventor from being a scientist. Henry Ford faced similar accusation in his life but proved that there was no need keeping knowledge he was not going to benefit from in his head. Napoleon Hill writes, “…college degrees are not valued more highly. They represent nothing but miscellaneous knowledge.” Can an ignorant person manufacture incubator, cars, television and organic weedicide? If an ignorant person does these things, then, informed people (formally educated scientists) must create new earth or new universe for us!

Products of Kantanka are not unscientific but advanced engineering! Is television that response to frequency change due to hand clap unscientific? Samsung just ‘stole’ his idea in their new television products. I was hoping these ignorant accusers would write something about that but nothing happened.

Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo Kantanka: Ghanaian researcher, technologists and inventor.

Please, let us change our attitude towards scientists and technologists when they are living among us. Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo can help Ghana overcome most of her technological challenges when he is given the needed attention. Investors must approach and partner with him for development of some of his researches for socioeconomic liberation of Ghanaians. In the end, it is not what he invented but what Ghana benefited from him that matter.

Thank you very much.

Yours in service,

Epistles of Boadu

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Article was published by the Mirror Newspaper in Ghana on Saturday, March 9, 2013.

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