National Cathedral Over Better Health System, Why Won’t President Donald Trump Insult Us?

Dear His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo,

I believe you know that nobody has monopoly over wisdom. This is even the reason why you told us to be citizens not spectators. But how can we be supportive citizens when you play deaf when you are reprimanded of your wrong actions? It is the dream of every Ghanaian to live in a developed version of this country. A research conducted recently by Pew Research Center revealed that over 75% Ghanaians will leave the country if they have the chance and means. This is because Ghanaians are just fed up with unfavourable decisions taken by the leaders on behalf of the citizens.

Mr President, you expressed disgust when Donald Trump described Africa including Ghana as a ‘shithole’ nation. Do you know why he described us as such? In this century, no serious nation in the world will spend money to evict judges, collapse 5 year old bungalows belonging to judges, spend tax payers money to hire new bungalows for the judges and use the land to build a cathedral. A cathedral for people who don’t have beds in their hospitals, cathedral for people who have less than 100 ambulances nationwide, cathedral for people who are struggling to finance free SHS Policy, cathedral for people who still have schools under trees, cathedral for people who are struggling to pay worker’s salaries and allowances, and cathedral for people who already have over 20,000 churches. The differences between Ghana and the Western world is identification of national priorities. Sometimes, Ghanaian leaders take actions that have no bearing with national development yet we expect miraculous development in Africa. Indeed Prof Kofi Awoonor was right when he wrote, “… a tree once stood, shedding incense on the infant corn: its boughs stretched across a heaven, brightened by the last fires of a tribe. They sent surveyors and builders, who cut that tree, planting in its place a huge senseless cathedral of doom!”


The irony of the situation is that the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana did not tie Ghana to a particular religion. Ghana is a free range zone for all religions provided they don’t infringe on the fundamental human right of the citizens. So why do we spend taxpayer’s money to build national religious structure? Mr president, after you are done building the 5000-seater National Cathedral, we want to remind you that some of us are still Muslims and we also want 3000-seater National Mosque, and the true builders of Ghana, the African Spiritualists, also want just 2000-seater National Shrine.


Religion is a serious threat to the development of Ghana! We see evidences of this on the various television channels in Ghana. Currently, the nation has lost a whooping sum of GHC610 million because of religion. If not religion, how would Pastor Dr Mensah Otabil get appointed as Chairman of Capital Bank without any background in banking? Do you think President Paul Kagame of Rwanda closed down over 1000 churches and mosques in his country because he was possessed with ‘Maame Wata, Kwaku Bonsam and Sasabonsam”? Whiles people are building emergency hospitals, research centres and innovation hubs, there sits a President in a country called Ghana in west Africa, who believes his infrastructurally poor country need National Cathedral! Mr President, if you truly want to help religion in Ghana, you rather need to close down some churches that are rather sabotaging the development of the nation by mentally chaining your people. Do you know why the youth seem impatient and will employ any dubious means to make it in life? Most of your pastors told us that there are no challenges in life – life should be full of breakthroughs and miracles. So when we go through challenges, we should stop analysing the situation and accuse witches and wizards. So we have replaced critical thinking with anointing oil and prayers.


Ghanaians, we need to be honest with ourselves, have we complained that we don’t have churches to worship God during Saturdays and Sundays? Do we prefer better roads to cathedral? Do we prefer ambulances and better health care system to cathedral? Please, for once in our life time, let us set our priority straight! Time for everything and this is the time for doing the right thing, Mr President, stop building the cathedral.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


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