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We are celebrating the Yuletide, yet, we should not forget that the sacred duty of humanity is to serve as the  planetary guardians of Mother Earth. In this regard, a tour was taking around a small scale mining community called Abuakwa-Akyempem in Upper Denkyira East Municipality to uncover the state of the environment (old small scale mining sites) as the world celebrate Christmas.

Abandoned small scale mine pit

The deplorable state of the environment is awful. Not quite long ago, the President of Ghana with the help from the media combated against illegal mining activities in Ghana. The shoddy nature of this work is that mine pits were left unreclaimed. These pits have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes in these localities. Potential farmlands have been depleted and abandoned which has resulted in scarcity of farming lands.

Abandoned galamsey site

An interview with a farmer (Mr Amos Safo) who was working at his farm despite the Christmas celebration disclosed that the government has succeeded in curbing the illegal menace yet the lands are left unreclaimed. “Small scale mining activities created employment but the problem was lands left unreclaimed. One thing people should bear in mind is that when the lands are destroyed as a result of mining, it affects farming. Gold and currency are not consumable. After accumulation of gold, food would be needed to fill the stomach.  Mine pits are left uncovered which has resulted in scarcity of lands for farming,” Mr Amos Safo.

Mr Amos Safo, a farmer who was working on his farm during Christmas celecration

Concluding, in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to treat and respect our land and environment as we will treat our bodies. Whatever toxin we inject into the environment, it returns to us. All the Sustainable Development Goals would be easily achieved if we put the environment in high esteem!

A must watch video of the state of the abandoned galamsey sites.

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