(Must Read) This Man is the New Messiah for the Black Race – an open letter.

Dear Patriots,

Before I proceed, I must ignite your nationalism spirit by borrowing the words John F. Kennedy told the world about how Americans are willing to go to the extreme to ensure their liberty: Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to ensure the survival and success of liberty. The question is, are you or Africans willing to do whatever it takes to liberate Africa? I spent about five years out of my earthly duration to discover this truth you are about to read – the true new Messiah for Black people!

Revolutions take place in different forms; Religion, Science, Technology, Industrialisation, etc. Unlike the Western world that smell revolution an eon away, but most Africans can’t even detect revolution just at their door steps. The best part of living is to be able to comprehend the words and actions not yet taken. 

It was in 2006, when I watched the technological prowess of Apostle Kwadwo Safo on television.  However, the words that came from him were not usual words to be heard from a typical African pastor – he sounded like Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther and Malcolm X. He caught my attention,  and since 2011, I have been researching more about him and his mission and my findings are what I have dedicated “Kantanka’s Diary Tab” to share with you – I am not here to advertise his church but to clear all forms of miseducation. This man is the new hope for all Black people globally.

What is Kristo Asafo Church?

Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana was established on February 3, 1971 by Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo who is affectionately known in Ghana as Kantanka. This year marked the 46th anniversary of the Group. On page 15 of the constitution of the ‘Church’, it is clearly written that the mission of the ‘Church’ is to train the youth to acquire technological skills in electronics and automobile. The question is, what type of church believe that the only way to liberate Ghana or Africa is through technology not prayers?

Is Kristo Asafo a church or not?

As weird and shocking it may sound, Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana led by Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo is not a church but a practical Pan-African Movement that needs continental attention. Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo is the leader, spiritual master, mentor and ‘daredevil’ of the Movement just as General Washington, Benjamin Franklin,etc were the poineers of New America.

Kantanka is arguably the most strong-minded Pan-Africanist living now!!! He did what was necessary for the true emancipation of Africa – probably, this is why he is nicknamed the African Star.You cannot carry out fundamental change without certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from noncomformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future. It took the mad men of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those mad men. we must dare to invent the future,” Thomas Sankara.

Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo is a Pan-Africanist and he needed army to help him fight for the liberation of Ghana and Africa. But the sad story is that nobody was willing to give him a helping hand and listening ear despite his abundant knowledge. Just as Akon said, “This street reminds me of quick sand. When you are on it, you keep going down. And there is no no one to hold unto…” So he was left with no choice than to engineer a Pan-African Movement that will be self-funded in order to prevent external controls. “He who feeds you, controls you,” Thomas Sankara.

He did the maths, and realised Christianity was leading in Ghana. The only way he could get people for the Pan-African mission was to establish church in this religious-minded country and continent of ours to serve as Trojan Horse to invent utopia future for Africa. However, there has been misunderstanding from day one: in the mind of Kantanka, he is leading a Pan-African Group to liberate Africa but in the mind of the members and Ghanaians in general, he is just any ordinary pastor in Ghana.

Philanthropy is not my mission on earth. My mission is to redeem Africa! – Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo

In 1981, he started with the true mission of the Movement – indigenous technological training and revolution. The Movement undertook so many transformational programs to better the lives of Ghanaians. Do you remember KEY SOAP CONCERT PARTY which was broadcasted on GTV every Saturday evening; the days where monochrome(black and white) television was the most celebrated property? Kantanka conceptualised this and it benefited people like Agya Koo, Bob Okala, Akrobeto, Mercy Asiedu and many other movie stars of today. There are numerous programmes he implemented to see a transformed Ghana.

Modern democracy, has caused Africans to loose our spirit of nationalism. So Kantanka needed to get religious to train some people to be highly selfless and patriotic to start his mission.

Who can be a member of Kristo Asafo?

“The colonialists care nothing for Africa for her own sake. They are attracted by African riches and their actions are guided by the desire to preserve their interests in Africa against the wishes of the African people. For the colonialists all means are good if they help them to possess these riches,” Patrice Lumumba.


The truth is that you do not need to be a member of the “Church” to be part of the Movement. Once you are an African, who is working to culturally, technologically, economically and socially liberate Africa is an automatic member of the Movement. Great men like Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng and many others have always been members. This is why Apostle Safo Suaye Technological Research Centre (ASSTRC) is always opened to all irrespective of one’s tribal, political and religious affiliation – All are accepted.

It is time Africans  do away with our obnoxious religious, political and tribal segregation and champion the Africa Redemption agenda together.

Unity is like marriage, we have our differences, yet we must ignore and focus on what we strongly have in common. Like myself, most Africans might not agree with Kantanka on religious grounds, but we can gladly shake hands during technological and developmental discourse. Ghana and Africa should pay attention to the research, innovative and scientific aspect of Kristo Asafo. After all, war, hunger, unemployment, and famine don’t care about your religious, tribal and political affiliations – we are all in this mess together!

Modifying the Principle of Uniformitarianism, the present is the key to the past and the present actions are in perfect sync with the future results. We need to act positively now or remain neocolonised forever!

Some few things that betray Kristo Asafo as a Pan-African Movement but not church
  • “We are not inferior to the White man. If we unite our ideas, we can liberate Africa from poverty ,” Apostle Kwadwo Safo, 2003.

  • “This organic weedicide can help protect our land, environment and biodiversity,” Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo, 2017.

  • “The gap between Africa and the west is technological gap. We need technology to emancipate ourselves,” Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo.



The battle we face as people is a battle with ourselves and enemies from outside. But when we work on ourselves, we can withstand the enemy from outside. Africans are to be blamed for African failures, for we have always been at war and we must act like warriors and stop acting like civilians with our empty complaints. Uniting forces with already existing die-hard Pan-African groups such as Kristo Asafo Mission is the only way forward. We can’t afford any more divisions.

Let me conclude by borrowing the words of Marcus Garvey, ” we must give up the silly idea of folding our hands and waiting on God to do everything for us. If God had intended for that, then, he would not have given us a mind. Whatever you want in life, you must make up your mind to do it for yourself.”

Thank you very much.


Best regards,


©Epistles of Boadu

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  1. Perfect discovery

  2. Kwasi Agyei 2 years ago

    Exactly the words Mr. We need a modern Africa, A New Africa. I believe Kantanka is the beginning of that New Africa. God bless his wisdom.

    • He couldn’t have started straight forward so he needed to start from somewhere. We need to join him.

  3. Jigga 2 years ago

    Massa, call me

  4. Robert 2 years ago

    True talk and great article. The Africa of tomorrow is the result of our collective decisions today. We need total emancipation as the article suggested. Let us unite and fight our common for…ignorance, timidity and lack of responsibility and then embrace intellectual and technological transformation to solve our problems. Let unite for freedom of all sort before we lose one of our own heroes. God bless the Katanka mission

    • We need to unite and fight against poverty and our deplorable conditions. In the end, it is Africa against the world not the Africa against Africa.

  5. Kinzy 2 years ago

    Wow…u need a standing ovation… we godde build u a statue. .. uv said it all..God bless u

  6. Oheneabakan 2 years ago

    You are always on point. We need to work on ourselves before moving to external forces out there. Keep the fire burning cos you are not alone we dey ur back

  7. Sika-Ayiwa 2 years ago

    This is a beautiful piece and a must read for anyone who wishes to see the African narrative changed.
    Let us be mindful of the dangers of the single stories we tell our younger ones; nobody is a single thing. Africa is more than the poverty and the hunger and the rape cases we see in the videos of foreign NGOs and CSOs who are always pishing their own agenda.
    Permit me to use the words of our Negro nationalists who fought for the freedom of French West Africa “let us come together as a people with a common goal to embark on this journey of social, political and economic reconstruction for Africa.” (Emphasis is mine.)
    Africa must work again!!!
    Africa shall rise!!!

    Kudos, Brother!

    • Thank you very much sis. We Africans are “unorganised truth fighting organised lies.” We need to work on ourselves as people. We must work now or perish. The Whites are ahead but we can’t afford to not do anything.

  8. Yaw Safo Marfo, Tycoon_GH 2 years ago

    That’s My Man again. Thank you for clearing the misconception and miseducation since most people especially the members didn’t understand “This Movement”. I’m happy by this article and I pray that most after reading would join so that together we can all help Liberate African from Our Mess. I love this quote: “The one who feed you, controls you”. This quote is very deep and is a Food for Our Thoughts!

    “Talk is cheap but implemented action is the key” ~Tycoon_GH
    Thank you once again @ Boadu.

    By the way call me because I have been trying your lines since yesterday

    • Thank you very much bro. We need to commit our all for the fight because “we are unorganised truth, fighting organised lies.”

  9. Nana Esi Pepraah 2 years ago

    Thanks for your wonderful discovery and good observation. Africans especially Ghanaians should do well to join this movement so that we can all move Africa forward.

    • We need to forget our religious, political and tribal differences. After all, the Western world don’t care about those affiliations. They see us as one people who are colonised. We need to act together or perish.

  10. Kakmel Osam 1 year ago

    I would have given u a warm kiss for this article… from the top to the bottom the idea of writing this should forever stand. I love this quote

    “Unity is like marriage, we have our differences, yet we must ignore and focus on what we strongly have in common.

    Well-done and may God bless your great wisdom.

    • Boadu 1 year ago

      Thank you very much. Kindly share with others to also enjoy.

      • Owoahene Boateng 1 year ago

        I pray that the vision of the African star The Redeemer of Africa becomes a fruitful and a successful one may He live long as well as His helpers thank u

  11. kwadwo Safo 1 year ago

    God richly bless you dear. Try n listen to bob Marley’s song ‘ambush in the night’. Africa leaders always fight for power n they always try to belittle our integrity to de western world.

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