Is CoDE-UCC Extorting Money from The Helpless Distance Students – an open letter…?

Dear Minister for Education (Prof. Kwesi Yankah),

We, the students of CoDE-UCC (College of Distance Education-University of Cape Coast), are very disappointed in the management of the College.  With the vision to make knowledge available to all, University of Cape Coast introduced distance education to help financially handicapped students. Obviously most of her students who pursue the diploma and degree programmes (with emphasis on the diploma students) are young men and women who have serious financial problems to facilitate their enrollment as full time regular students of the University of Cape Coast. Students pursuing the programme are those who work to make ends meet in order to pay for their own tuition fees. “Knowledge for all” – in my view boasts of providing education for all, irrespective of socio-economic background et cetera at moderate cost. However, the opposite is happening at CoDE-UCC.

The 2017/2018 academic year ended on the 23rd September, 2018 and you should have seen the grim visage of continuous students of the College of  Distance Education-UCC when their fees for the 2018/2019 academic year was distributed among them. How can the distance learner be charged with an amount of Gh 2,150.00 as fees for the year whiles regular UCC students are paying less than that? Why on earth should regular students pay less
than distance students? The distance learner relatively enjoys ‘no’ facility to be rewarded with such high academic fees.

At the beginning of the 2017/2018(just ended academic year), when the level 200 distance learners of CoDE-UCC were paying Gh1,780.00, their colleague students on the same program at University of Education-Winneba were paying Gh1,200.00. How different is Winneba University from Cape Coast University? How different are the distance learners of Winneba from the distance learners of Cape Coast? How different are the modules
given to the Winneba distance learners from the modules CoDE-UCC gives to her students? Sadly, at the end of the programme, we are all graded with same grading system. Kindly be a judge if this is not pure extortion of the helpless students.

With the current trends in the affairs of the College, I would not be surprise to see the students embark on a demonstration to register their discomfort. We are humbly pleading with the Ministry of Education to come to our aid to help address this urgent problem. We can not bear this extortion anymore as most students are finding it difficult to get their tuition fees. We are just students and cannot afford such amount because  we do not have the wherewithal . This could lead to dropping out of many students.

Please, we would be very much grateful if this problem is urgently attended to. Thank you very much.

Faithfully yours,

Kwadwo Mintah Nuamah.
Eastern Regional Organiser
Distance Education Students Association of Ghana

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