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Self acclaimed moral mavens abuse and discriminate against homosexuals in the name of scripture/societal norms, when same scripture/norms entreat them to love fellow  as themselves. I don’t know whether to call that an irony or hypocrisy. Gay people are human beings! Society must protect their rights! They ought to be allowed to freely make their sexual choices. The fact that they are a minority doesn’t mean they should be bullied and denied a pleasure the human race treasures. Imagine yourself being denied having sex with the one you love. How would you feel? You infringe on their rights when you deny them room to have (homo) sex.


This is (to me) a very strong and passionate argument.


But, there’s something fundamentally wrong in thinking that the rights of gay people are infringed upon when they are disallowed from practising homosexuality. Such line of thinking assumes that gay people inherently have a right to practise gayness, thus, a block on their way is an infringement of Human Rights. That may not be the case everywhere; you cannot rule London with Washington DC laws. Don’t travel from one country to another and think you automatically have the same rights.


There are fundamental Human Rights that everybody – by virtue of being human – is entitled to wherever (s)he goes. These include the right to life, decent employment, marry, etc. To have homosexual intercourse (or intercourse with an animal) is NOT part of these rights!

Article 16 (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  reads: “Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family…..”

Marriage here is defined by the State; the definition thereof may not capture same sex marriage. And in fact, the definition of marriage at the time of the declaration was heterosexual.


In the first place, an individual cannot have a right to engage in an activity considered illegal/unacceptable on a given land, unless necessary licenses/warrants are obtained. So in those countries where homosexuality is illegal, the homosexual does not even have a right to practise homosexuality, let alone, to get that right infringed upon. How does one infringe on rights you don’t have?


For those who pelt stones at gays, insult them and met out other forms of abuse on them, you need not be told you are infringing on rights. You are (however) not infringing on rights exclusive to gay people, you are infringing on rights everybody is entitled to – fundamental Human Rights.

So let’s get it settled, a State that does not allow gayness has not infringed on any right. It has simply not given people rights their counterparts elsewhere are enjoying. In crude terms, it’s like how Ghanaians now have a right to free SHS (in Ghana) but Nigerians do not have same (in Nigeria).

Part 4 tackles the freedom of adults to take personal decisions and the mind/conscience of sovereign societies.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Isaac Ofori Ampong


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