Dear All,

BACKGROUND: Some researchers have found evidence of genes responsible for gayness! The scientific community however is not singing in unison when it comes to whether these genes are really responsible for gayness. But let’s face it; if there are mammals practising homosexuality and they do so by genetic instincts, then, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that humans too have such genes/instincts. So, I choose to assume that it is true homosexuality is caused by certain genes in some people – perhaps, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah’s (KKD) son became a homosexual due to genetic dictation.


ARGUMENT: Gayness is caused by genes. The people did not choose to be gay. That is how they were made. It could have been you or me. Thus, we should grant them their rights. We should allow them to freely express their gayness: “chop ass”, …, marry same sex, and have children if they want to do so. After all, it’s the doing of nature and their maker has to be blamed.


RESPONSE: Is the presence of genes responsible for the expression of a behaviour or is it social orientation which provide enough grounds to accept such behaviour/orientation as normal? Don’t we already have genetic disorders on the doctors’ desk? Aren’t we already investing into genetic engineering with hope of correcting certain genes (amidst other hopes) in future? Aren’t we constantly developing drugs to help minimise/control the expression of certain genes and attendant issues? So why hide behind genes?

Genes responsible for gayness give the individual an involuntary urge/desire to have sex with same sex. Yes! But the individual makes a voluntary decision (whether) to act on the desire or not. Between the gene and the act is the “human decision making faculty”. You will involuntarily blink when I attempt to poke a finger into your eyes, but, you cannot involuntarily get your penis into someone’s anus. So the very act of gayness is a voluntary one and the individual must be responsible for his/her decisions in accordance with the existing norms of the society in which (s)he finds himself.


Suppose my family has a genotype that makes us only able to drive on the left hand (lane), would you argue that government grants us and other people with such genes the right to drive (in the left lane) in a country like Ghana where right hand driving is practised? Would you agitate for government to construct special roads to enable me drive from Upper East to Cape 3 Point on the left hand in Ghana because my situation is genetic?


What if some people have a certain hormonal condition that gives them a strong desire to evade taxes; you would want tax evasion to be thus legalised? The simple truth is that we cannot accept certain behaviours/orientations just because they are genetic. If it’s genetic and the society in which it exists considers it a nuisance or a threat, then, it is a disorder! It needs correction/management. Being a southpaw (left-handed) is genetic, but, saluting with your left hand is unaccepted!

By the way, gayness can be learnt, especially in societies where it offers some financial incentives.

Part 3 focusses on the Human Rights of gay people. If you’re wielding a club, drop it!


Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Isaac Ofori Ampong



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