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The President of Ghana’s comment on legalisation of homosexuality in an interview recently stoked arguments on airwaves – clerics quoted religious books, traditionalists reminded us of our customs, and politicians played around it to score political favours. There are interesting twists about homosexuality that need to be considered in the arguments on its legalisation, criminalisation and/or other related issues.


Strong arguments to legalise homosexuality tend to be founded on Human Rights, Genetic Dispositions, Animal Behaviour and Adults’ Personal Decisions. Come let’s explore these and find out how adequate they are to warrant legalisation of homosexuality.


GAY ANIMALS: The fact (that you may not like to hear) is that there are gay animals. Yes. In his book Biological Exuberance, Canadian biologist and cognitive science lecturer, Dr Bruce Bagemhil writes of about 300 animal species that practice homosexuality. On the list (interestingly) are animals including: domestic cats,
dogs, cattle and jewel fish. Surprising right? I haven’t observed such activity myself and I doubt you’ve ever seen dogs or cattle doing “man to man”. But there’s argument that most people haven’t observed such behaviour among animals due to cognitive biasness in favour of heterosexuality – and I’d like to add the low frequency of occurrence.


Gay lions

Well, in this essay, I choose to believe Bagemhil’s observations are correct: there are gay animals.Now, should we legalise homosexuality because some animals practise it? Really? Are animals now the standard for human morality/legality? Isn’t this argument an affront to our touted pride of being above animals?We want to
argue that gayness is natural and normal because some animals are gay? Wow! Going by this argument, animals do rape. That makes rape natural. So we (humans) should compile a list of animals that rape and base an argument on that to call rape natural and get it legalised?


It’s obvious there’s no need for more ink to prove this argument isn’t sound enough. Let’s meet in part 2 to discuss the issue of genes responsible for homosexuality. It’s a more interesting argument than this animal behaviour stuff.

NB: Gayness denotes male and female homosexuals.


Thank you very much.

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Isaac Ofori Ampong


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