Hidden Meaning Of Tooth Loss In A Dream.

Dear All,

Do you know that man is energetic living in a physical armour called flesh? If your doctor told you, dream is a collective replay of your daily activities, it’s a big miseducation? Dream is a coded or plain message from the future or past which was intercepted by your soul-mind when wandering the parallel realms in your sleep. Dream is a time travel mechanism of a complete human system.

The teeth is a symbol of power in carnivorous animals – it is their main military weapon. In human, it is a symbol of completeness and vitality. When adults begin to loose teeth, it is physically a sign of loosing vitality and wholeness. Why do people spend money to replace their loss teeth physically? I guess you know the answer, to feel complete or whole again.

In dreaming, to loss a teeth means you are going to loose something you currently are in dire need of. It could be a business contract you have been working so hard for, it could be promotion you need or you will loose your work. It is simply a sign of impending great disappointment. Thank you.

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