…Why Did Death Take Odomankoma?

Odomankoma is not humanoid! It is Odomankoma that is the true creator of the universe – this is religiously called Divine Providence. This is what the scientific community try to explain using the *big bang theory*, *entanglement theory*, *string theory* or all the physics theories explaining the origin of the universe.

Odomankoma did not create humans. It was *Nyame*, son of Twene-Adu-ampon Kwame, who genetically engineered mankind. So in Akan, our ancestors used to say, ‘Twene-Adu-ampon Kwame b)) Nyame,’ trans, “Twene-Adu-ampon Kwame created Nyame.” This is very ancient saying. It is the Abrahamic religions and monotheism that corrupted us to think *Odomankoma* , *Nyame*, *Twene-Adu-ampon Kwame*, *Nyankropon*, etc mean the same thing!!!

In Akan cosmogony, we say ‘Odomankoma b)) owuo maa owuo faa no’, trans, “odomankoma created death and death took Odomankoma.” What does it mean? Let us consider things Odomankoma created in *Akan:* Odomankoma created *season* (space- time principle), *okyerema/drummer* (sound energy as principal creative energy) and , *Herald* (Order). This means the universe was birthed through orderly combination of subatomic particles/energy with the influence of sound as a key creative energy in space-time. Unlike the scientific community who thinks chaos birthed the universe, Akan cosmogony say order birthed it.

*Odomankoma* is esoterically and scientifically pure creative energy, after creation, it became inconceivable with the naked eyes. So the Akans wanting to explain the subliminal nature of the creative energy that birthed this universe, they said *death took Odomankoma.* Meaning, *Odomankoma* can longer be seen. Remember that your Akan ancestors knew that *energy can neither be created nor destroyed*… and this is why they knew *life after death* and *reincarnation* exist. However, they didn’t say *Odomankoma* reincarnated or went to asamando/paradise. But they said death took Odomankoma – Odomankoma can no longer be seen after creating the universe. Odomankoma (energy) is woven in the very fabric of the universe.

So in Akan cosmogony, we don’t worship *Odomankoma* but rather worship *Adu/Anu* or *Twene-Adu-ampon Kwame* (Sumerian or Akkadian leader of the Gods/aliens who Assyriologists called *Anu*). They (the aliens or religious Gods from the sky) genetically engineered us to be their servants. Your ancestors knew the difference between *Divine Providence* (Odomankoma) and the humanoid alien scientists who created us to serve them (Adu Kwame and his pantheon). Akan is the remnant of ancient civilisations such as *Akkadia and Sumer.*

Have you noticed that in Akan libation, all entities invoked are or were beings that could be seen? Our ancestors only worshipped God they could see and this is why we don’t mention *Odomankoma* in libation. And we also don’t say *Nyame* come for wine because *Twene-Adu-ampon Kwame* is supreme than *Nyame*.

Do you know that in Akan, ancient word for *sky* is *Nyan*? Any thing related to the sky or space has *nyan* as prefix. So we have *Nyan-konton* (rainbow), *Nyan-konsuo*(rainwater or sky water), *Nyan-kro-pon*(Great One of/from the sky), *Nyan-konpasakyi* (vulture).

Our ancestors were very enlightened. It is this ignorant generation who think those who rather lived with the Gods/aliens (Nyame was living close to us but that old lady 😁😁😁…) were naive about the universe. *Most of their sayings were so scientifically deep that they need serious decoding.* Their sayings weren’t superstitions or myths but were codes for only the illuminates or the initiates…



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