(Must Read) Dr Mensah Otabil is not A Thief: Ghanaians Should Keep Quiet.

Dear Ghanaians,

Dr Mensah Otabil is not a thief but just an incompetent chairman. It is not quite long when a scandal was made bare before Ghanaians exposing how Capital Bank under the chairmanship of Dr Mensah Otabil squandered Ghanaians money worth 610 million cedis (about 128 million dollars). This news was so shocking to the Ghanaian populace that critics such as Chris-Vincent pounced on him (Dr Mensah Otabil) to devour him. After reading through Chris-vincent’s article, “Ghana’s 610 Million Cedis, the man of God Called Otabil and the Stupid Christians Who Stand with Him,” something amazing caught my attention. ” The board of directors with Otabil as chairman “ratified a proposal to increase the fees and benefits of directors (themselves), including two first class air tickets for all members on the board.” Supposing this is true, why are we fuming as people? Why are we acting and talking as if what Dr Mensah Otabil did is a new thing we didn’t cultivate? I want to tell every Ghanaian that we told Dr Mensah Otabil and his cronies to squander our monies with our subliminal actions.

What are the subliminal messages Ghanaians tell our religious leaders? We tell them we are zombies because we can give our children’s school fees to pastors in exchange of miracles. We tell our religious leaders we lack analytical minds by shielding their wrongs with the ‘don’t touch my anointed’ mantra. We tell them they can have sex with our wives, and rape our children provided they tell us God directed them to do that for us. Our religious  leaders are aware that most of us are brainless followers. Isn’t the same Dr Mensah Otabil who said born again Christians are the most stupid people? Yes! He was right and Capital Bank is for the same religious Ghanaians. So he knew the same people will shield him even if he ’embezzles’ the bank’s money.


Before I continue, be very honest with yourself, can you criticise your pastor, imam, worshipful master, spiritual protector,etc if he were in Dr Otabil’s position? How many times have you confronted your religious leaders about what they use your tithe and donations for? The problem with the average Ghanaian is hypocrisy! We all know that the monetary transactions that go on at religious gatherings every week can make the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ vision attainable within 8 years. But do we tell our religious leaders to use our monetary contributions for national growth? Unfortunately, more than 70% of Ghanaian population are religious. However, Ghana is still indexed as developing nation despite the many churches and mosques decorating the country.

“God is Good’! ‘God is Good’!! ‘God is Good’!!! Right after the speech, members gave a loud applause. Yes, God is so good when you can rob and brainwash people to your advantage in his ‘name’ whiles he watches silently. God is so good when people are willing to die for you once you masquerade as a messenger of God; God is good when Ghanaians will overlook the homeless, the sick and orphans and still donate to a rich man in the name of being a servant of a  certain God hanging in the sky. Let all Ghanaians shout that God is Good! It is so sad that those who expose the evils of the so called men of God are rather seen as evil. Everyone is ‘God’ but the discipline it takes to fully activate the latent ‘God’ in us is what most people lack! Do not look for God outside of you but look for education and directions from outside to help you activate the ‘God’ in you. Even your religious books tell you that the Kingdom of God is within you and not outside – for what is in you is bigger than what is in the world! As above, so below – we are microcosm of the macrocosm.

Ghanaians, this is time we stop shielding some people because they tell us God called them. This is the time we get brutal honest with ourselves and realise that a  religious establishment which empower its leader at the expense of members is nothing but a sham! If you have mind and won’t use it, don’t blame others for using theirs to manipulate you! Dr Mensah Otabil is not a thief but a messenger of God who presided over a banking rot. Allow EOCO to work and bring us their final findings.



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