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I must tell you, we lost the true history of the world the very moment Africans accepted their oral histories as myths and lies. This gave way for pure historical indoctrination about our world and kept us in the zombie world – we have been lied to about almost everything!


Who are the Ostrich People (Vadoma Tribe)?

The Vadoma people, also called the Bantwana tribe, which means children/descendants, are a tribe living in the north of Zimbabwe, primarily in the Urungwe and Sipolilo Districts on the Zambezi river valley. These people are secluded and have ostrich feet. The ostrich people live successfully off of the land by hunting, fishing, trapping wild animals and by gathering honey, roots and wild fruits. Their living accommodations are simple huts made from reeds and twigs.  It is very weird to have human beings with ostrich feet but the answer to the question where they got the ostrich feet is not far fetched.


Vadoma tribe elder

The The elders of the Vadoma people claim that their remote ancestors were bird like beings who came from the stars and mixed their DNA with early earth women to produce offspring. The elders state that their ancient ancestors came from the star systems of Sirius and first established colonies on a planet within our solar system that they refer to as Liitolafisi. The Dogons also have similar cosmogony.


The Ostrich feet


What is mainstream science also saying?

Clinically, this genetic condition is called Ectrodactyly. The foot is missing the three middle toes and the two outer ones are turned in, which is why the Vadoma people are also called the “two-toed” tribe. Ectrodactyly is an autosomal dominant condition which is the result of a single mutation on the number seven chromosome.


It is reported that those with the condition are not handicapped and well-integrated into the tribe.  While possibly an aid in tree climbing, the condition prevails because of a small genetic pool among the Vadoma and is propagated by the tribal law that forbids members to marry outside the group.

X-ray image of the ‘ostrich feet’.


Critical thinking

Science only explains realities it is familiar with. In this case, the genetic conditions have been explained but science didn’t give accounts of who ‘infected’ their early ancestors with ectrodactyly. This is similar to explaining the genetic behaviour of sickle cell patient without pointing out where the sickness was inherited from. Every condition has its own scientific explanations but its origin is what really matter.  So who originally shared the mutation of the seventh chromosome (ectrodactyly) with the ancestors of the VADOMA TRIBE? If these ostrich or bird people is a lie, why do we have their images in Egypt and most ancient civilisations?

The bird people were extremely advanced race


Moving forward

It is not only the Vadoma people who claim their ancestors came from the sky. This account is very common among most African tribes like Akan, Dogons, Zulu, Yoruba, etc. We were made to believe our ancestral stories were wrong. However, astronomy and the existence of many star systems prove that such ancient claims are not lies but truth.


Every star you see in the night is a sun just like the sun in our solar system (Solaris). Each star has its own solar system.  Assuming each star (including our sun) even has a maximum of 5 planets around it, and we only have just 1 million stars in the whole universe?  Do you still believe the lie that Earth is the only planet out of 5 million planets that will support life?


The band of the Milky Way galaxy can be seen at night in areas with dark skies. Here it is seen with several Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Arra (ALMA) antenna. (Credit: ESO/B. Tafreshi


Hold it there, even the Milky Way Galaxy  of which our solar system is part has 100 billion to 400 billion stars according to NASA astronomers! This means that we have 100 billion solar systems in our galaxy. Do you understand the possibility of other advanced life forms elsewhere who are truly the ancestors of humanity?


Is the oral history of the Vadoma tribe a possibility or hoarse?


I would like to conclude by reminding us that we shouldn’t allow dogma and our educational system to trap us. We need to give critical examinations to our ancient oral tales for true history of our origin. We must unlearn the lies to make way for the truth!!!

Thank you very much.

Best regards,



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