CONSTITUTION DAY: Rev Owusu Bempah Should Be Arrested To Uphold The Constitution…

Dear Ghanaian Lawmakers,

In my country there is the litany of prophetic preachers prophesying the death of some leaders of the country. These utterances always take place
just before a year ends for another to begin.

Recently, before we entered the new year, on 31st December, 2018, as usual, one prophetic preacher again predicted the deaths of Ex president John
Mahama and the incumbent Vice President – Mahamadu Bawumia and the highly profiled Chief Imam of the Islamic religion in Ghana, Dr. Sheikh Osman

The news fell as a turmoil as many Ghanaians lashed out at the pastor in question. The man of God has been rebuked by the lots while other few
support his claim.Besides all odds, the incessant prediction of people’s deaths by these fancy suit wearing extravagant watch clad prophetic
preachers every year has begged the question, “Does their God only predict or foretell death of people? If these prophetic preachers cannot
prophesy any good thing for the country then they should stop “killing” our leaders, our fathers, our grandfathers, our uncles, and our brothers
for us.

As if that was enough, another prophetic preacher by name Rev. Nigel Gaisie also came forth to say that the Ghana National Team cannot win the
AFCON 2019 even though the event has not commenced. “What has this got to do with your God? or your god is now into betting? All these insidious
utterances must not be condoned and entertained as a nation.

Rev Owusu Bempah

As far back in December 2017 the same pastor (Rev. Owusu Bempah) who has predicted the deaths of the trio(Mahama, Bawumia and Chief Imam) predicted
the deaths of the Former Vice President, Amissah Arthur and on June 29, 2018 indeed the nation lost and mourned this noble man.

Constitution Day

Enough, doomsayers! I asked myself “Is there no legal actions that can be taken against these so called men of God who only know to predict deaths
for people “? until I read a piece from Human Right lawyer and advocate, Lawyer Mary Afful Ohenewaa who revealed that it is criminal from anybody
to predict the death of another person. In her article she stated that “Telling someone that he or she will die amounts to psychological violence
and punishable under the laws of Ghana contrary to section 75 of the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29).”

This country is not an auberge for doomsayers and hence this yearly social canker needs to be dealt with and dealt with entirely. If a pastor does
not have anything to say to their congregation when the pulpit is mounted high, he or she must just shut up!

Our actions and in-actions – destroying the past, present and future of our beloved nation.


Kwadwo Mintah Nuamah

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