(Breaking News) Kantanka Automobile To Be Given 10 Years Tax Exemption.

Kantanka Automobile is a local automobile assembling company in Ghana.  The company started operation  in 2015 with huge taxes imposed on all its automobile parts shipped by their Chinese partner.

Serious debate erupted in Ghana when the President of Ghana and the Trade and Industry Minister broke the news that Volkswagen is to establish automobile assembling plant in Ghana to compete Kantanka Automobile. The Chief Executive Officer of Kantanka Automobile, Mr Kwadwo Safo Jnr, expressed concern of getting fair grounds to compete the German automobile giant.

Numerous calls from the media, concern citizens and the CEO of Kantanka Automobile to the President of Ghana to give Kantanka Automobile an enabling environment seem to have yielded positive results. The Government of Ghana is in the processes of signing  tax exemption agreement with Kantanka Automobile Company. The agreement after it has been finalised will give Kantanka Automobile 10 years tax exemption.

It was announced by the CEO of Kantanka Group of Companies Nana Kwadjo Safo Ankofena Jnr at the end of year party and awards ceremony held at his residence in  Kwabenya on 6th January 2019. This is a good news in the right direction. God bless Kantanka Automobile Company, God bless Ghana.

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