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Until the Blackman realises that his poverty and third class status in the world is as a result of his negligence of things that matter most,  he will always blame others for his own inactions. Africa is not poor but Africans are poor decision makers! What am I driving at?

Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo Kantanka is arguably the most brilliant versatile researcher in the world now. The unfortunate event is that he happens to be a son of Ghana or Africa? Why is this unfortunate? This is because in Ghana, we only acknowledge the usefulness and potentials of people when they are dead or being employed by the giant Western corporations.

Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre, Gomoa-Mpota, Ghana

Apostle Dr Ing Kwadwo Safo is the founder and leader of Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana. He is also the founder of Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre (ASSTRC), a private technological research firm in Ghana, at Gomoa-Mpota along the Winneba-Accra road in Ghana. The research works conducted at his centre spans across Automobile Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Herbal Medicine, Architecture, Materials and Structural Engineering, Environmental Research, Crop Sciences and Soil Remediation Sciences.

December 31st marked the 37th Technology Exhbition of Kristo Asafo Mission (Apostle Kwadwo Safo) at Awoshie in Accra. Below are the top five researches of Kantanka in 2017:

1) Herbal Plant Detector (Kantanka Ahaban Afidie): This special machine identifies herbs and plants in local language. It is specially imbedded sensors and Artificial Intelligence which aid in its operation. When a leaf of a plant is placed on its sensing pad, it mentions the name of the herb in Twi Language. This is very important invention for herbal medicine practitioners and biodiversity sustainability researchers.

2) Kantanka V8 Engine: This is a special engine manufactured using local materials like sea shells, and other local materials. Metals employed are copper and brass. With the bearing heat capacity of these two metals, it was a stunt feat to have added the sea shells to ensure its longevity and its heat resistance.

3) Kantanka Mensah and odeneho Exclusive: This is a saloon vehicle with special detectors and sensors. When the vehicle is programmed to recognise the owner’s fingerprint and other special body parts, it detects mischief when a different person takes the driver’s seat and signal a theft alarm.

The Odeneho Exclusive is the first ever tricycle limousine made in Africa.


Odeneho Exclusive is the first African triycle limousine

4) Organic Weedicide: Environmental protection and biodiversity sustainability is a priority for humans as the guardians of earth. Kantanka innovated organic weedicide which doesn’t kill soil microbial organisms. Fungi, millipedes and termites are exclude from the weedicide attack unlike the dangerous work of glyphosate which is currently banned in Europe. This weedicide has no carcinogens and it is the hope of organic farmers and environmentalists.

5) Army Worm Insecticide: Army worm attack in 2017 was very devastating and could have greatly suppressed maize production. With Kantanka still living  in Ghana, he gave a herbal pesticide which succesfully kills army worms without negative effect on crops.


We have our differences, but when it comes to developmental issues, Africans must learn to put our tribal, political and religious differences aside and work to liberate ourselves. A Ghanaian to the western world is a poor African no matter your tribe, political affiliation or religion – let us join hands and push ourselves!

Follow link to watch all the researches at the exhibition. (click here)

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