(2018 Reminder): I don’t hate Blacks, I just hate empty complaints – an open letter!!!

Originally published in Today Newspaper on October 10, 2016.

Dear Blacks,

I would like to remind you of the words of Marcus Garvey, “if you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.” Therefore, a race with no confidence in its creations (spiritualism, businesses, education, system of government and culture) is forever condemned to the pit of slavery. From antiquity to contemporary, the human race is silently shaped by greed to control and rule – control bred different warfare programs such as religion, slavery, biological and psychological weapons. These systems made sure the weaker race is controlled and looted by the stronger race. The only way to liberate oneself is to master the different warfare programs. Yes! humanity need love but love doesn’t come from one end – love those who love you and ignore those who don’t!

I have been monitoring social media for some time and have observed that Black Movements keep complaining and blaming Whites for racism – this is absolutely wrong! We have to blame ourselves for our inaction. Blacks are practically refusing to think and act but blame Whites for mastering the art of war.  How do most Africans classify university graduates who speak their local languages at public functions? Uncivilised of course. How do we tag graduates who use plantain fibre and charcoal to cleanse their teeth instead of the flourinated toothpaste and plastic brush? Uncivilised as well. No! But the Whites miseducated us during slavery. Yes, it is true! However, with all the information available in this age, if we still blame Whites for the choices we make, then, we need to be disrespected for our psychological weakness.


It is not only Africans who were colonised. Yankson said a soldier who wants to kill you for food is far more dangerous than a soldier who wants to kill you because he is under command. The Whites had to do anything to survive because they relatively had infertile soils, lack of mineral resources, etc.- survival was their basic instinct. Would we have done anything different if we were in their positions? I believe we would also have done anything to survive!


Countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia and India were colonised and some sold into slavery. These countries chose to filter the information their colonial masters presented to them; religion, system of government, clothing, food and language. Most Asian countries still use their original spiritual practices as forms of worship; Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc. Blacks unlike our Asian counterparts accepted all warfare programs engineered by the European countries to conquer and rule us. Who deserves to be blamed, Whites or Blacks? Robert Kiyosaki said it is easier to change yourself than to change someone. Complaining about your current position in life is worthless. Have a spine and do something about it instead. Blacks should stop blaming Whites for our retrogress and begin to realise that we are the problem not them. We need to change our negative attitudes toward ourselves.


It is so pathetic that humanity has lost the basic concept of religion. All ‘religious’ leaders came preaching principles for spiritual illumination – man activating his god energy. The principles were later documented as doctrines, laws and ordinances by their followers. Man’s insatiable taste for control and power created religion to divide and conquer. Christianity and Islamic religions were never forced on us. Even if they were forced, don’t we have the chance to free ourselves from these warfare programs? Or the sky Father will burn us in fire? Do we want to go to afterlife world where our laziness would be gifted with free foods, drinks, opera and servants?

It is so ironic to hear most pastors condemning the original African spiritual practices and classifying most things for human comfort as earthly and ungodly. Meanwhile, some of these pastors live in mansions and cruise in automobiles built with materials from the earth. I don’t really know if their mansions and automobiles rained down from sky as a heavenly gift from their Sky Father. Some of these retrogressive pastors are those who prophesy visas to members who are in dire need to travel to USA and other places for greener pastures. It is so funny that some of these countries are atheist zones and have high rate of biblical abominations like homosexuality yet the pastors see those places as poverty solution zones. Would such countries have developed if they had condemned materials created by God are earthly and people shouldn’t worry themselves over earthly things? Blacks indeed need to emancipate our minds like Bob Marley said.


How do Blacks call their traditional priests who can turn lead into gold? A demonic black magician of course! How do Europeans call their people who can turn lead into gold? Alchemists of course! Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most revered scientists ever but he was a lifetime alchemist. Have you heard any European calling him a demon? OKomfo Anokye, Togbe Tsali and the rest are branded evils and demons. Why do Blacks always associate negativity with our things and blame Whites for our ignorance? How do Blacks analyse a traditional priest who can dance in bonfire? Demon who will finally perish in hell. How do Europeans analyse a traditional priest who can dance in bonfire? Wow! Can’t we apply this trick/knowledge in the military to make our soldiers fireproof? Have you realized the difference in our thinking pattern? One condemns and one seeks to utilise esoteric knowledge to benefit humanity. Knowledge is neutral; neither good nor bad. Its application determines whether good or bad. It is the collective responsibility of educated Blacks to let Africans know that the original ancestral spiritual practices were not demonic as painted.



In 1471, the first Europeans landed on the shores of Edina to trade. The place was named El-Mina; the mine. The Portuguese spread the abundance of gold and their successful trades throughout Europe. After they returned to Europe, they planned on how to control and dominate their trade partners. How could they have enslaved someone who was impermeable to knives or blades? How could they have enslaved someone who could shapeshift into objects like trees, animals, etc.? That is what they planned in details and finally engineered religion (Christianity) to classify all those amazing godly capabilities as satanic. They returned in 1800 as missionaries and put fear of some future unquenchable fire that awaits all those who didn’t accept the religion (Christianity). Blacks should stop blaming Whites and take actions for ourselves; embrace our ancestral spiritualism and focus on how and where we can apply the extremely advanced esoteric knowledge to benefit humanity just as the Whites are doing.


We are the emissaries of change, love and happiness in this cosmic reality, and we have the right to free ourselves and others from mediocre mindsets. The change begins with ourselves so act more and complain less after reading this.

Best regards,


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